Updated Software!
Updated Software…..friendly interface…online database ….great service personnel…check them out!

Anne Elizabeth Samuel
Navajeevodayam Bible College, Thiruvalla

Much Appreciated
The excellence of a library is the transparency of the transaction. Chaz Lib has succeeded to bring about the transparency of the library through its software. Any search, transactions, reservation etc which can also be done through this software is much appreciated. Its barcode generating technology is much easier for the librarians. I recommend this international standard library software to all the colleges.
Rev. Dr. Alex O. Korulla
Indian Institute of Theology and Mission (IITM)
Well Done Friends...
When I was asked to find someone to design our organization’s website I was really concerned with the quality, cost and service. Even I searched internet for many days to find a web design company which can accomplish our ideas. Finally I came to see the portfolio of Chaz infotech. Then I approached them to design and build the site, and we are very pleased with the result now. They offered suggestions and a variety of options to stay alive online with like-minded people and organizations. The Content Management System they provided to update the site’s content is very easy to use.

Now we are able to share our vision and mission with many around the globe without any trouble. We are really impressed with the service, really quick turn around on responses and are a perfect system for our website. The responses we get from our well-wishers regarding our site are overwhelming. Chaz infotech has been consistently available for advice and technical support. They are an invaluable resource to us, and we happily recommended them with confidence.
Well done friends! – keep up the good work.
Abin K. Vincent

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